Scot Ginsburg

Scot Ginsburg


Scot Ginsburg, with a professional tenure exceeding two decades, has devoted his passion and expertise exclusively to the comprehensive representation of business owners— specifically tenants and buyers, not landlords—in all facets of their real estate needs. Scot’s love for Science and Technology started at an early age. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, former Laboratory Researcher and Technology Entrepreneur, Scot now serves on various Nonprofits Boards and invests with his clients, where he helps innovators turn bright ideas into the economic engines of tomorrow. In addition to working closely with his clients, Scot also is a published author of It’s Not All about the Rent: A Tenant’s Guide to Cracking the Commercial Real Estate Lease Code. The book covers a broad range of valuable topics for companies navigating their real estate decisions— whether renewing or relocating— including best practices for maximizing negotiation leverage, assessing space needs, calculating the true lease costs, and spotting landmines in a lease that can undermine negotiating efforts and diffuse your leverage.

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