Joanna Davies, D.Phil.

Chief Executive Officer

Joanna Davies is Professor at San Diego Biomedical Research Institute (SDBRI). Throughout her scientific career Dr. Davies has focused on understanding mechanisms used by the immune system to protect us from diabetes, cancer cachexia (the severe muscle wasting seen in many people with chronic disease), and organ transplantation rejection. More recently Dr. Davies has focused her efforts on collaborative efforts between disciplines and disease areas, and on the discovery of predictors for disease progression to enhance preventative medicine.

Dr. Davies established SDBRI in July 2013 and opened its doors for operation in April 2014. SDBRI has active research programs in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, and HIV vaccine development. In addition, scientists who are specialists in each of these areas work together in teams focused on a single disease to identify new approaches to predict and prevent that disorder.

Dr. Davies contributes to the scientific community through participation and membership on grant review committees for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases (NIDDK), and the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and by acting as reviewer for several scientific journals.

SDBRI Board of Directors

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