San Diego Biomedical Research Institute


Our mission is to find new ways to predict and prevent cancer, diabetes and HIV infection, and to accelerate medical advances that maintain health and improve quality of life.

The structure and environment at SDBRI is designed to foster collaboration across disciplines and specialties and to encourage innovation. While individual research groups work on the disease areas in which they are experts, including cancer, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and cachexia (severe muscle wasting), they also work together to identify possible overlap in biological processes that lead to more than one disease. In addition, joint programs between the HIV vaccine discovery program and scientists working in immunology, metabolism and inflammation are designed to maximize the impact of new generation vaccines.

Brainstorming sessions between investigators in the different disease areas are held regularly to identify important questions, write joint funding proposals, and coordinate the relevant scientific research. This arrangement maximizes the potential impact of their research for the benefit of the patient population.

SDBRI is located in La Jolla’s Science Park within a 5-minute walk of other major institutes including The Scripps Research Institute, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, UC San Diego, Scripps Clinic, and Salk Institute for Biological Science — an environment that facilitates resource sharing and scientific exchange.

Our Philosophy

Giving Every Patient a Fighting Chance

Within our body cells, molecules, and tissues interact at all times to maintain health. Proteins and molecules must work together for a cell to function; cells interact within tissues and between tissues; and the optimal function of organs requires that they are all in sync with each other. A dominant presence, such as blood sugar, can lead to health problems, in this case diabetes. In contrast, a coordinated balanced communication between molecules, cells, and tissues can result in a spectacular outcome, a healthy human being. The same balanced and coordinated communication between human beings enhances efficiency, output, and the potential to solve problems and make new discoveries.

At SDBRI, the scientific and administrative staff interact with the same goal: to fight the common enemy, human disease. Our hope is that our research will help to give every patient a fighting chance for a healthy outcome.

Our Research

We need your help

Our research programs are funded primarily by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Private donations help to accelerate the progress of research through the purchase of laboratory supplies and equipment or the recruitment of additional laboratory personnel. Thank you!

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