Richard P. Woltman

Richard P. Woltman


Richard Woltman is a highly celebrated figure with entrepreneurial experience in the finance and investment industry. His professional pedigree consists of leadership positions across multiple businesses and organizations. Throughout his career, Mr. Woltman’s involvement in the financial sector has been closely related to the health and sciences industry which is reflected in his appointment as a director at Mercy Hospital Foundation as well as Scripps Foundation for Medicine and Science. Mr. Woltman earned his B.S. in Business and Economics from Indiana University, and with honors from the University of Washington School of Banking. After graduating, he served as a junior army officer during the Korean war before he went on to start several of his own business. One of his business merged with the American International Group (AIG), and another continues to be managed by his daughter. As a San Diego resident for over sixty years, Mr. Woltman continues to engage with his community through philanthropy and holding active leadership titles.

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