Wael ElShamy, Ph.D. Publishes on “The Molecular Underpinning of Geminin-Overexpressing Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells Homing Specifically to Lungs”

Patients who have been diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), the most aggressive form of breast cancer, often develop metastasis in the lungs, meaning that the breast cancer cells spread into the lungs. In a recent study, SDBRI’s Dr. Wael ElShamy, wanted to pinpoint TNBC metastatic precursors that will help to identify potential biomarkers, specifically looking at the overexpression of a protein called geminin.

Dr. ElShamy introduced geminin overexpression (GemOE) to normal cells and found possible genetic drivers that lead to TNBC tumors in the lungs. His group also identified prospective biomarkers that might help to determine which patients are most at risk of developing lung metastases. Dr ElShamy’s findings help to recognize candidate indicators of TNBC lung metastases that can lead to earlier diagnoses and more appropriate treatment plans for patients.

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