Transition Back to Work Training

Following California’s Phase 2 for reopening, SDBRI prepared for a partial reopening, to perform essential duties. Although exciting, this presents a new challenge: how will we transition back to work safely?

Following guidelines provided by the WHO, CDC, California State, and San Diego County and City, SDRBI has developed a safety plan that that was described in a mandatory online training for all institute members. Amongst the many changes that have been implemented, the most significant related to reducing foot traffic by working in shifts, social distancing, wearing facial coverings at all times, and increasing hand washing stations. Specifics on how to adhere to these new guidelines were elaborated on in the training. We hope that when we are able to fully transition back, practices from this partial re-opening will allow for a smoother, safer shift.

We recognize that with these new guidelines in place, it is likely to take longer to do many of the things we used to take for granted and that it might generate some frustration. We can think of many ways in which this specifically applies to operations at SDBRI, but also to the rest of the world as we muster patience in entering a phase of learning how to live and work with this new virus. In an institute-wide email, CEO Joanna Davies reminded members, “we will get used to it, and things will improve. As long as the quality of our work remains high we will continue to move forward and be successful.”

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