SDBRI receives $100,000 from the Richard P. Woltman Fund

San Diego, California, June 2019 – San Diego Biomedical Research Institute (SDBRI) announces a donation of $100,000 from Richard P. Woltman, La Jolla, California. SDBRI is a non-profit biomedical research institute with a focus on diabetes, cancer, neurological disorders and HIV vaccine design. Institute scientists collaborate in teams using a think-tank approach to develop new approaches to reverse and reduce the impact of human disease. This donation will be used to enhance commercial and non-commercial sponsorship of SDBRI drug discovery programs.

“This generous donation will play a major role in funding our efforts to increase corporate and private sponsorship for early stage discovery leading to the development of new treatments to reverse and reduce the impact of human disease,” announced Joanna Davies, PhD, President & Chief Executive Officer at SDBRI. “We are very excited to be entering this next phase in the development of SDBRI.”

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