SDBRI Hosted Two Events with Sir Dermot Turing

SDBRI hosted two events with Sir Dermot Turing, author and nephew of Alan Turing, the famous British mathematician, philosopher, codebreaker, and founder of computer science. October 27, the institute hosted a screening of the Oscar-winning film, The Imitation Game, based on Alan Turing’s life, followed by a discussion and Q/A with Sir Dermot. October 28, Sir Dermot gave a seminar, focusing on his uncles life and work. Following the seminar, the institute hosted a lunch with Sir Dermot, along with SDBRI Board, advisors, staff, and friends of the institute.

Alan Turing achieved much in a wide range of fields: pure mathematics, philosophy, cryptology, computer science, artificial intelligence, and developmental biology. This is an astonishing CV; but Alan Turing had a reputation of being solitary, difficult to deal with, and a poor communicator. Sir Dermot Turing, the author of the most recent biography of his famous uncle, challenged this view. Using illustrations of Alan Turing’s work and personal accounts of what he was like to work with, the presentation followed the course of Alan Turing’s achievements and describes how he actually arrived at his ideas.

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