San Diego BioMed Receives Donation of $200,000 to Combat Disease

Mr. Richard Woltman, a long-time resident of La Jolla, California, and an entrepreneur in business and finance, has recently donated $200,000 to San Diego BioMed, a biomedical research institute. Mr. Woltman and his family have played a major role in San Diego philanthropy and fundraising over several decades, with an emphasis on health and science. Mr. Woltman has been a great supporter of San Diego BioMed and their research programs. “The progress and growth of San Diego BioMed is excellent, and I believe in and support its leadership and CEO, Joanna Davies and its world class scientists,” said Mr. Woltman.

San Diego BioMed, founded in 2014, is a biomedical research institute committed to understanding what causes autoimmunity, cancer, neurological disorders, diabetes, aging-related disorders, and vaccine development. The institute then uses this information to design treatments that prevent and cure disease.

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