Drs. Binley and Verkoczy Receive $9 Million R01 Grant Renewal

Congratulations to our very own James Binley, Ph.D. and Laurent Verkoczy, Ph.D. for receiving a 5 year renewal of their R01 grants totaling over $9 million to continue their ongoing HIV research! Drs. Binley and Verkoczy’s research on HIV will use virus-like particles (VLPs) as vaccines.

Their research aims to promote the development of virus-fighting antibodies that can penetrate HIV’s “armor” of sugars and bind to common sites of vulnerability that are shared by many different HIV strains. The goal of their work is to generate antibodies that can fend off infection by any of the highly diverse HIV strains found around the world.

At SDBRI, we utilize a think-tank approach and therefore champion a collaborative environment. In this project, Drs. Binley and Verkoczy will combine their complimentary expertise on vaccine design, testing, B cell sorting, and next generation sequencing to enhance the chances of making a breakthrough discovery!

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