Helen Leask, Ph.D.

Medical Writer

Helen was an award-winning medical writer for 25 years and published countless research papers, review articles, medical-education programs and clinical guidelines in oncology, endocrinology, dermatology, hematology and rare diseases alongside clinical authors. However, prior to the recent introduction of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) standards, pharmaceutical sponsors, who paid for this work, rarely allowed medical writers to be credited as authors. The publications below are provided for bona fides and represent just a fraction of Dr Leask’s academic writing on health and medicine.

Select Publications

Leask, Helen. “The Newest Brain Wave in Epilepsy Care.” The Walrus, 25 Apr. 2018,

Leask, Helen. “The Secret to Raising Resilient Kids.”, 29 Dec. 2017,

Leask H, Sills T, Winchester C. A rough guide to advisory boards. Pharmaceutical Market Europe, March 2016 (


Gue D, Squire S, McIntosh K, Bartholomew C, Summers N, Sun H, Yang M, Jackson S. Joining the patient on the path to customized prophylaxis: one hemophilia team explores the tools of engagement. J Multidisciplinary Healthcare. 2015. 8:527–34. [Acknowledged as facilitator and research designer]


Weatherston A, Gue D. Effectiveness of live telephone support in improving haemophilia clinic attendance. J Epidemiol Community Health 2014. 68:391. [Acknowledged for editorial support.]

Canadian Psoriasis Guidelines Committee. Canadian Guidelines for the Management of Plaque Psoriasis, June 2009. [Credited as Managing Editor. Writer: Chapter 10, Management of Nail Psoriasis.]

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