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What drives our research?

Biomedical research scientists are problem solvers. The challenge we face is human disease. Based on current knowledge on the causes and treatments for disease, we begin by mapping a pathway to lead us from where we are to where we would like to be, whether that is prediction or prevention. The path consists of thousands of steps, each a challenge to be solved in its own right. One by one, we attack each step with a series of experiments, the results of which will tell us whether we are on the right track. If not, we re-route, like the GPS system on our phones, and try again. The faster we discover we are heading in the right or wrong direction, the better. Less time and fewer resources wasted. The more direct the path, the faster, and therefore the more likely we are to get to the target. Staying on course requires persistence and patience. You have to enjoy the journey, because it’s a long way to the end.

We need your help

Our research programs are funded primarily by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Private donations help to accelerate the progress of research through the purchase of laboratory supplies and equipment or the recruitment of additional laboratory personnel. Thank you!

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