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Taking on the tough challenges

Over the past half century, the international biomedical research community has made enormous progress in the understanding of human diseases and the ability to treat them. Despite huge scientific and medical advances, we have much more work to do before we have cures for cancer, diabetes, and cachexia, and a successful vaccine for HIV. Basic research can be considered a pipeline toward translational research, a channel to the design of new therapeutic strategies. Each phase is challenging, requiring persistence and patience. At SDBRI, our challenge is to combine basic and translational research efforts in cancer, diabetes, obesity, immunology, and HIV vaccine development to identify new mechanisms that lead to disease, disease progression, and responsiveness to a new generation HIV vaccine.

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Our research programs are funded primarily by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Private donations help to accelerate the progress of research through the purchase of laboratory supplies and equipment or the recruitment of additional laboratory personnel. Thank you!

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